Customazing Sewing Machine

Single Needle Integrated Cylinder Sewing Machine

Item No.: KL-461-950mm
Items Parameters
Brand DGSF
Name Long-arm cylinder sewing machine
Bed type KL-461-950mm
Size(Length*Width*Height) 1.7*0.65*1.37 m
Track type Locking-type
Applicable object Thick materials like fabric, leather, cardboard, suitcase, furniture etc.
Power electric 
Needle number single needle
Automation level automatically adjusting height of presser foot, automatic positioning
Weight 300kg

Product introduction
adopts triple synchronization feeding, which makes feeding powerful and stable;
be able to sew multiple-layer thick materials with precis and beautiful track  thanks to its 80mm cylinder;
be able to sewing large items thanks to it's wide sewing range;
specially designed to support both horizontal and vertical uses, largely expanding it's use ranges;
easy to operate and mantain;
applicable to sew kinds of thick materials such as suitcase, sofa&furniture, golf bags, safety belts and sports goods etc. 

Bed Type KL-461
Sewing speed 800s.p.m
stitch length 11mm
Height of presser foot 20mm
Needle DYX3
Medium Weight materials Yes