Injection Machinery

Rotary PCU Slipper injection molding machine

Feature as below:
-High production capacity: 100-150 Pairs/hr;
-PLC Touch screen control;
-24/30 mold stations for option;
-Suitable to produce compact PVC or Pvc air blowing slipper/ PVC upper, strap.....

Rotary PCU Slipper injection molding machine

Brand :DGSF

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Within 25 days

Supply capacity :25 Sets/Month

PVC Slipper Machine also name as PCU air blowing injection molding machine, the air will blowing into the foaming PVC material, so the sole or slipper will contain some air inside.

In this case the outsole or slipper because very flexible and soft, all these factor make very comfortable footwear product.

Single color PVC Slippper machine:


-Machine technical data: 

Mold station


Mold clamping force

45 tons

Injection pressure

35 tons

Screw Diameter

75 mm

Max dimension mold

350x280x220 (LxWxH)

Max injection volume


Motor Power 


Machine dimension


Total net Weight

7 Tons


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